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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Not A Love Story (500 DAYS OF SUMMER)

    Life is a puzzle ! Sometime we give value to wrong things, completely over-looking the important things & people which happen to fall in our way. It's a puzzle, and as we grow up we try to figure it out as per our acumen, upbringing & influences. Relationship are complex too, and sometime you encounters some weird & unreal experiences in life which totally freak you out. Well in the movie it's about the girl, but it can happen vice-versa too. this is a story of a boy Tom Hansen who aspires to be an architect but working in a greeting Card company in Los Angeles. The story appears as real as it's excecuted.

  So when the Author describes that story is fictional & any resemblance to person living or dead, is coincidental, especially to Jenny Beckmann, Bitch. You know upfront that you're gonna see some real life incidences & things remoulded according to the author's way, and that's quite interesting to find out in the beginning of the movie. Now you're glued with eyes wide open, and yet another trick from Marc Webb, the Director's side, "This is a story of Boy meets Girl, But you should know upfront, This is not a Love Story !!" Bang ! Now, You got your audience for the whole 95 minutes of movie irrespective of the change in pace of the movie.

   The best thing about the movie is its Non-linear screenplay, which can sometime backfires if executed in a wrong manner, but it worked out so well in this case. Kudos to Director for pulling it out so well. The narration of the movie is simply outstanding, how beautifully the memory-driven back-n-forth introspection of 500 days of Summer, girl friend of Tom Hansen, the protagonist. Tom Hansen was portrayed intelligently by Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Summer was surely the gorgeous puzzle in the movie played by Zooey Deschanel. You know, this movie tells you how storytelling should be made more curious & inquisitive in its style & execution.

    The movie portrays the transition of Tom Hansen from Summer to Autumn in such eventful manner that it amaze the viewer about the differentiation of the Director in compiling a break-up & heartbreak movie in such a manner. I don't know but I could relate to this movie in many ways. Maybe lot others would find the same thing. Thats the beauty of great movies. You can actually picturize into one or the other character as they are well-written & performed. So, Tom Hansen, a nice handsome quiet boy had a crush on this new assistant of his Boss, Summer. He tried his every bit to grab the attention of this mysteriously gorgeous girl. But after office rumors about her arrogant attitude, he stopped giving vibes to the girl thinking she'll insult his feeling. But one lucky day when he was in office lift, Summer came rushing to the lift. But hey, Hansen is busy listening music on his headphones. So Is he gonna miss this much awaited chance of breaking the ice with Summer ? Well he could have easily done that if the song running on his headphones was of someone else other than Smiths. Yeah ! She had the similar music interest, the ice between the two got broken.

   Now anytime & anywhere he use to found Summer, he never missed chances to mingle with her, until one party night where his drunk close friend McKenzie unfolded the secret of Hansen to Summer. That he likes Summer. Well, Summer seems to like the idea, and with sheepish smile on her face. She enquires about the same from Hansen. He reluctantly agrees that he do like her a lot. But Summer clears him that she's not looking for a serious relationship, and both of them can have fun as friends. Tom slightly shocked but agreed to her condition. But Tom continued to feel genuinely for her because of his deep affinity to romantics & fairy-tales.  He was sure that she's the ONE.

    Summer keep on insulting & misbehaving with him time and time again, But he was always tolerate enough to forgive and let her do the strange histrionics. So when you're struck with true love, you tend to overlook the flaws of your partner, In fact you start liking them too. The intimacy between the two grew leaps & bounds, with initiation strangely from Summer side. But Hansen didn't noticed that she's having a good time with him when she like to have or if she had a void inside her. I mean he was quite aware that he's not having any say in the relationship. Every rules were made & broken by Summer.

    The Break-up was inevitable ! But when it did arrive, strangely it was from Summer side again. Hansen was again shocked & broken. The funny scene is when she compared their relationship with Sid Vicious & Nancy. Poor Hansen asked painfully, Sid Vicious stabbed Nancy seven times, how can I relate to him. Then she clarifies, No No ! I'm Sid ! Hilarious. Hansen always looked back to his failed relationship with eyes on the positives. Thats what Hansen's witty younger sister Rachel, who was a kind of counselor to him, explained him. And then he tried to observe how futile were his attempts to made her happy. Totally heart-broken after break-up, Hansen had an outburst in his company meeting, and he quits. That was a nice interpretations by him, why these Greeting card company, who are selling emotions & putting words in mouths of people is worthless. Hansen beautifully put forward the idea of people speaking for themselves, without the crutches of silly greeting cards.

  Hansen use to visit one quiet place with a bench in the grass facing old skyscrapers. When Hansen was just trying his best to forget Summer & get a job in architecture firms. He found Summer at the same place again. She was married now, that brought all the painful memories back for Hansen. He was unable to understand how the girl who don't believe in serious relationships & marriages, can decide for marriage dumping the ever -forgiving & decent boy like him. Anyways, he has to move on with his life doing normal things like giving interviews. So he went for a Job interview, and there it is, he found Autumn, and he understood the point there is no thing like fate, Nothing is meant to be ! You've to grab the opportunity whenever it arrives.

And finally the painful summer get passed giving birth to a new autumn. Oh So Beautiful !!

My Ratings: 7.5/10


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