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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Say Hello to my little friend ! Tony Montana !

No, I don't mean that Agneepath was a copy of Al Pacino's Scarface at all. But yes, one do tend to compare the style and mannerism of both iconic stars Al Pacino & Amitabh. In fact Scarface is one hell of gangsta movie which started a trend which continues since its release to the launch of GTA Vice City game. No Scarface, No Agneepath, No GTA Vice City. But hey, you must be thinking, why I'm talking about Old Agneepath, when new remake has broken all record in collections whether domestic or Overseas. But unfortunately I didn't felt connected with new one, It was a nice effort, nice tribute. That's it !

No I'm not discarding the new one completely, I liked the picturization of Harivansh Rai Bachchan poem in movie both times, when Vijay father is reciting it to him, and when Vijay is reciting the same to Kancha Cheena while killing him.

So, in short, I just Like the poem in the new one, nothing else!

The new one didn't enticed me enough to grab the retention plot of my memory even though I watched it recently. The old one even with some imperfections, were able enough to grab the mind space of mine.

Like thousands other people, even I still remember the old movie Vijay Deenanath Chauhan Introduction in police station, and many other scenes. The new one was flooded with fresh faces and fresh make-up, but no soul. Still I would say It was better than some of the other crappy remakes. 

But why they do not think logically while scripting remakes or presenting old wine in new bottle.

In the old one Vijay character was larger than life, this time antagonist Kancha & newly-included Rauf Lala were portrayed in larger than life manner. 

Name Kancha Cheena & character suited Danny more than Sanjay Dutt, no guesses on that.

Apart from get-up & look, Sanjay had little to experiment with Kancha, but he did a decent job in spite of some exaggeration here and there. His toying with Gita shlokas and demonly wisdom was good though.But that was the character fault, he was no more human like old movie Kancha Cheena, now he was demon. 

A/c to me, Background score plays a vital role in fueling the scenes, and old Agneepath background score was just AWESOME. Even though it was lifted from Jean Michel Jarre - Second Rendez-Vous (Part II), Type the same in YouTube and see for yourself. But I dont care from where it came from, but was suiting Amitabh sequences & style so well. 

The Old one was tribute to Harivansh Rai Bachchan poem, the new one was tribute to old Agneepath, but no Agneepath can be dreamt without the iconic poem itself. I've fallen in love with the poem so precise, so short and so deep in meaning. Hats off to Mr Harivansh Rai, he was my second best Hindi poet after Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar. This post cannot end without the mere essence of the movie - Path of Fire, the poem:-

Vriksh ho bhale khade
Ho Ghane Ho badhe
Ek Patra Chhao bhi 
Mang Mat Mang Mat Mang Mat !
Agneepath ! Agneepath ! Agneepath !

Tu Naa Thakega kabhi
Tu Naa Thamega kabhi
Tu Naa Mudega kabhi
Kar Shapath Kar Shapath Kar Shapath
Agneepath ! Agneepath ! Agneepath !

Yeh Mahaan Drishya Hai 
Chal Raha Manushya hai
Ashru Sved Rakt se 
Lath Path Lath Path Lath Path
Agneepath ! Agneepath ! Agneepath !

So, A/c to me, this poem will always be classier than both the Agneepath movies.


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